1What is a psychiatrist?
A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specialized in psychiatry. Psychiatrist is specially trained to diagnose mental health conditions and treat clients with psychotherapy and medication.
2What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?
While both psychiatrists and psychologists treat patients with mental illness, a psychiatrist is a medical practitioner who is qualified to prescribe medication.
3Making and preparing for the first appointment:
Contact +27(0) 21 555 2422 to book an appointment. First appointments are booked for hour sessions. Follow up appointments are booked for 30min or an hour. Before the initial appointment please try to complete the information questionnaire that will be provided after your booking is confirmed. Medical documents can be emailed to records@drjuanberwers.co.za
4When is medication needed?
Certain psychiatric conditions result from biochemical disturbances. Management of these psychiatric conditions may require medication as part of the treatment plan.